american football … pick me

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chris cooley – Washington Redskins chris chambers – San Diego Chargers Jason Cambell – Washington Redskins Marques Colston – New Orleans Saints Andre Johnson – Houston Texans Mike Nugent – New York Jets Marc Bulger – St. Louis Rams Mason Crosby – Green Bay Packers showing their skills…the reason why to pick them ­čśë


drew09191 says:

you know this is fake.jason cambell´╗┐ couldnt even hit 1 receiver.

TGBKyle says:


ImTheGv3 says:

0:47,´╗┐ we did pick you and we still lost. Sincerely, Bears fan.

alexoideable says:

i could´╗┐ do that with my dick

Micousdu33 says:

and what´╗┐ do you think about this kicker? ->´╗┐ “Pierre-Micka├źl’s Football Recruiting Video”

FINBaSs1234567890 says:

shut´╗┐ up dude, that’s old

snesmusicfever says:

he used´╗┐ savestates.

snesmusicfever says:

what are you saying? England is just part of Britain along with Scotland and Wales! are you sure you´╗┐ are English?

AlexJonesInfoWars1 says:

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MrMtrain11 says:

All fake herd on a channel´╗┐ and the players agreed that it was fake

juneLUNAReclipse says:

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FunnyShizOhCrieps says:

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Lewis Bjibjou says:

That was pretty cool. In England, well Britain if that’s what the Americans call it, we don’t get amazing people as crazy as that. All we get here is quite boring people. And the stereotypical bad teeth and tea drinking´╗┐ and living in castles. It’s about 40% true. But then we could all say that Americans are fat, lazy, and have no manners. Anyway then, those people were fantastic! That guy at the beginning was bloody brilliant!

Roy Gurung says:

damn i´╗┐ thought this vid was a football(soccer) haha….

BroncosXNumberX1 says:

The ones with´╗┐ the receivers are pretty easy tricks, probably not faked. The one with Jason Campbell might have just taken a while, but it’s real too.

Stella DiAngelo says:

@xlegend00Gaming Actually, New York was settled by the Dutch and was´╗┐ called New Amsterdam ­čÖé

ross817 says:

These´╗┐ are all fake, in case you were wondering.

zafran44667788 says:

how many THOUSAND´╗┐ times u did this to make it perfect?

HiDeYoKiDs1000 says:

Lool notice how they all suck beaides colston and´╗┐ andre johnson

Thom Yorke says:

if you want soccer type pussy sport´╗┐

M4rt1n1us says:


patchy64 says:

Why do they call it the World Series they payed Canada to call American football Canadian so they didn’t have to change the name world´╗┐ serius

bjarne malmo says:

this´╗┐ isnt football this is handegg

ryanisacheetah says:

u make no´╗┐ sense

freethinker424 says:

Woah…. this´╗┐ is awesome. Don’t know if it’s real though.

Scalpking47 says:

the only stereotype I know about British people is bad teeth, is that´╗┐ true?

xlegend00Gaming says:

Some Americans stereotype British people as drinking lots of tea and eating loads´╗┐ of crumpets and being posh. I bet you if they went to East London, they would change their mind.

xlegend00Gaming says:

Well if it wasn’t for the United Kingdom then America wouldn’t have New York, or many other major cities. I’m not hating but we have accomplished quite a lot, more than many people think. And yes you are right, can’t we just get along. I play Football (Soccer for you) but I am think about playing American football. I will always call Soccer football and American football, American football just because thats what they are called here. I don’t see why people on hate on names, call it what u want.´╗┐

dwflank says:

american soccer´╗┐

TrollExterminator232 says:

Jealousy. And don’t say hateful comments from liberals, you’re just isolating yourself further. ´╗┐

isaak3107 says:

catch that shit without the gloves then we’ll talk´╗┐

tin ezar says:

fuck british football.,pick it´╗┐

msmgsalas says:

Very awsome´╗┐

redgriffin7598 says:

this is pussy next to AFL…´╗┐

neelveshlfc metalc├śre says:

fuck logic!!!!!! u call football ‘soccer'(play with foot n a ball) even´╗┐ though american´╗┐ football(play with hand n a ball egg) or better ‘american handball’ was invented after football!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oTastico fredricks says:

LOL well your last bit failed lets see all the hateful comments mate no one gives a shit about whats bad and good about England or America. they both have´╗┐ good things about them so just get the fuck over it and tbh america invented MacDonalds but who cares im English and i fucking love macdonalds america has great places to visit England has 1 great place to visit even ive never been ­čÖé so stop arguing because neither country is going to change :L ………………..

lauren webb says:

How have´╗┐ some people managed to come to the conclusion that Rugby is ‘gay’ and is for ‘gay Europeans’?

AssPasta says:

Of course they are going to wear body armour in the nfl. Rugby doesnt´╗┐ have men that weigh 150kgs. If they didnt most players would be brain dead by the time their 50.

ArisAdventures says:

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DestroyBoys says:

that was´╗┐ pure skill

bafto6 says:

Even tho they wear all that “body armour” they still put people in hospital.. it just proves that american footballs power cannot be stoped….. while ruby on´╗┐ the other hand is just a bunch of guys sticking there toungs out at eachother. :))) ­čÖé ­čÖé

MrMarkgilsenan says:

Anybody that says Americans are better at sports than everybody else is wrong´╗┐ we are all equal America has their sports and other country’s have theirs as well please stop fighting

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john mayer says:

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Dillon Mcknight says:


Izzy Kanoza says:

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boopboopeedo says:

obviously´╗┐ you have never played football, it is a lot harder hitting than rugby.

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