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Heath Cummings joins Hana Ostapchuk in this Monday edition of Fantasy Football Today.

SportsPulse: USA TODAY Sports’ fantasy football expert Steve Gardner shares his advice on who should be in your lineup — and who should stay on the bench — this weekend.

Our girl Mila is giving Sawyer another chance, despite the trouble he got into last time. Sawyer invites her over for some games, only for Mila to find out that by “games” he meant fantasy football. He doesn’t even pay attention to poor Mila the whole time and acts like a baby when he loses. Girl, we think it’s time to move on. 

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You know Turn based strategy games (TBS) sub category of strategy games same like RTS. In this video you can find top fantasy theme based TBS games. Not much video games available this category. Please share your Suggestions & comments here.\r
Heroes of Might and Magic VI\r
Kings Bounty: The Legend\r
Warlock: Master of the Arcane\r
Grotesque Tics: Evil Heroes\r
Disciples İ: Renaissance \r
Age of Wonders İ

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