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bateson87 says:

To Finchs upset fanboys a nice day :)

bateson87 says:

Thumbs up NOT to take a player after a win from the opponents team and stop
the KO exploit

VaultBoy97 says:

the upgrade thing is a great idea. and amazing match too btw

Jack Sutton says:

Do the Hyundai a-league because that will be a challenge 

Nasar Zaman says:

Whoever you beat you are aloud to take 1 or 2 players of them and also do 2
legs to a game to make it more interesting

footyfreak7777 says:

Do serie a or Ligue 1 next

Dan Tagg says:

Can you do a video of your set up and the editing software you use

Steven Silva says:

do ligue 1 next draft series

alana borg says:


Diego Nederpelt says:


Rohit Mandholia says:

This upgrade idea is great 

hugo edgar Lemus says:

do liga bancomer mx they have great op playerd

TheNTCmusic says:

The winners team should be given away

Alex Munro says:

Yeah it’s a good idea

Bryan Duran says:

Can u do a video that teaches us on skills, chips, and plays

canibizle777 says:

On the next tournament if it’s the final, you have to match or set a limit
on the rating on the team. Finchs team was crap compare to you, you had
Robben, Schweiteiger, Boateng.

Tecumseh De Lannoit says:

do a jupiler pro league fantasy footbzll

Ryan Whyte says:

You could do a star man and if you get to the final you get the upgrade of
your star man which is an inform

Brayden Essex says:

Do the thing where you take one player from the team you beat, it would
create much better teams in the final

Allan White says:

What about a champs league style thing???? 2 legs and away goals?? But if u
say both win 1-0 start another game and let it go to extra time and pens 

AkimboGlocks says:

I’m like 90% sure I was the one who commented the idea to take a player
from the team u beat I posted that on one of zwebecks vids

Albert Pedersen says:

Take the players!

THBGaming says:

it’s a great idea to take over a player of the person you defeatet makes
the final even more interesting

Ollie Steel says:

anyone else’s video quite jumpy?

JAS Vids says:

Include informs and tots

Bruch says:

Do a world draft where anyone can pick anyone

Joshua Thompson says:

Everyone should take any players from who they beat even if they don’t make
the final. For example: If u beat nep and he has a player/s that u want u
take it. If u get beaten in the next round the person who beat u can take
the player u took from nep.

james mcmillan says:

do a hyundai aleague draft

fifa ronaldo says:

gotze is the addition

Michael Mazzella says:

Maybe try a nationality? I think that would be pretty cool especial if you
pick from the top 9 

George Nicklin says:

Do a full striker tornemeant 

Denzel Smith says:

A tournament that you have to uses three players that the team you support
and build up

SpyskyFPS says:

Nah man it’s a shit idea bates its more interesting when you have weak
players on either side for either player to expose.

OriginalTekkerZ says:

Bateson u can make the episodes better by wagering the teams that you play
with so basically if your playing ITANI and u win u get his whole team that
he built. 

Darsh Sacheti says:

Or seria a

MrFifa061 says:

make a legend version

William Waters says:

If u win u should be able to take as many players as u want

Joshua Kean says:

Good idea

Luke Reeves says:

Yeah do the take the player if u win thing

jorgee fonseca says:

whats the song at the end called ? 

jack walker says:

That’s crap don’t take any players

Matthew Hatch says:

Don’t steal players

Rens Schoenmaker says:

Yes the take a player thing is nice

Nick Van Slooten says:


Kurt Hummel says:

Yes do that

Callum Mcguigzn says:

Yes i prefer the idea of taking a player when you beat a team 

Brad Davies says:

Great idea to take any player from your opponents team when u beat them!
and maybe when it gets to the final you repick ur teams with just the two

themightycrunch MC says:

Do a hybrid team draft where you can pic any player from and league and
they have to be there basic card 

Ciaran Nolan says:

Do a Brazil fantasy football

Mike Jones says:

Next fantasy football do Serie A it would be interesting to see who gets

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