Fantasy Football Fantasy – A Manning Brothers Music Video

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Close – Peyton Manning & Eli Manning are back with another summer jam! Following summer 2013’s wildly popular “Football o…


Dee Smith says:

Peyton is a beast! First he breaks Drew Brees and Tom Brady record the same
year, Then he showed us his dance moves to rocky top. Now, he just drop a
rap song and video! I he’s feeling another superbowl run with the new squad
he has! #peyton #mvp #broncos 

matthew rappaport says:

Manning Viral Rap Video would be.. Eli & Peyton!

Cool that they put this together and I’ll take #viraladvertising vs.
boring, old commercials.

#peytonmanning #elimanning #fantasyfootball 

trafalgar law says:

Eli be like…2 rings over Brady, bitch!!
Peyton be like…Top 3 of all time, motherfucker!!

OmarIsuf says:

RIP Eminem, the Manning Bros taking over the rap game.

That_Black_Guy97 says:

1,248 people don’t like football.

Guilherme Sousa says:

This just goes to show how little talent is needed to be a “rapper” these

1993majinvegeta says:

Am I the only one who finds this song catchy as hell? #LoveTheMannings 

Appelsap981 says:

This isn’t football, this is hand egg.

Jason Harshman says:

A QB like Eli who leads the NFL in turnovers by a wide margin the past
three years and destroyed many fantasy teams really shouldn’t be the
spokesman for fantasy football. Maybe a ad on the type of QB NOT to draft.

Liz Giran says:

Just sharing what makes me laugh…I’m dying right now! Enjoy

Ian Crimmins says:

Nobody’s fantasy football fantasy includes Eli Manning. 

NBC Sports says:

MUST WATCH: Peyton Manning and Eli Manning rap about Fantasy Football in
latest spot.

Seth Weintraub says:

Wasn’t expecting this Fantasy Football Fantasy – A Manning Brothers Music

BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

Maybe Weird Al can invite them on stage to rap during the Super Bowl
halftime show. 

yosemiteland says:

This is Garbage, anyone involved in the making of it should be

Clark Randle says:

A football shower….smh…ya’ll are Somethin else….(kevin hart

fish014 says:

if i’m ever the kind of guy who thinks this is funny, i’m just going to
fuckin kill myself.

Minecraft4days says:

What…what am I watching?

Scrumptyous Kymmi says:

I enjoyed this way too much! Eli let loose a little in this one good for

Scott Kelby says:

OK, this is just too funny! Peyton and Eli rapping — totally cracked me
up! :)

Thebobsmccoll says:

This ain’t football this is rugby

whowasthat says:

Eli kinda looks good in that outfit

failtolawl says:

this is so bad

Google for Sports says:

EXCLUSIVE: It’s the Manning brothers’ rap sequel you’ve been waiting for:

Magnus Dominus says:

Peyton should stick to playing football. Not bad, but he throws a lot
better than he raps. Eli might actually want to stick to rapping full time
though. Cause based on his performance last season, he raps a lot better
than he can play.

Omarhomer786 says:

The Manning bros are the GOAT

Mohmmed Hmd says:

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I can’t decide if this is amazing or terrible. I guess it can be both.

Dee Jay Rel says:

The Manning Bros are at it again with their Rap Video #FFF +DIRECTV is
going off.

LatinPlayer10 says:

A shower that showers you in tiny footballs hahahaha wtf

Robin Miller says:

Doesn’t one of those Manning guys want you to get sick from eating pizza
from that John guy who refuses to get health insurance for his workers? And
doesn’t give them sick time? Yech!

Chris Arenas says:

Lol. It’s the Manning brothers’ rap sequel you’ve been waiting for

Yessir says:

6th letter of the alphabet: F
At the beginning they show you FFF
Oh and you think it means ‘fantasy football fantasy’ come on people.

Yannick Lyn Fatt says:

Peyton and Eli Manning Rap About Their Football Fantasy. LOL, Peyton and
Eli do it again!

Brandon Chamberlain says:

There just… are no words for this

Jonathan X says:

Coming soon, September 7th

Valentino Rodriguez says:

The Manning on the Moon!!!

Rolyan Industries says:

Awesome. Go away trolls and haters. Funny as feuk.

Amaun Henderson says:

Both of these dudes suck every time I wacth football they allways say
peyton manning tom brady drew bress and aron rogers but my opinion if u
cant scramble or run out the pocket u ant shit names qapernick cam newton
rg3 oh yea vick set the way argue if u want to lol but look what russel
wilson did to Peyton and he a scrambler my point exactly

MrEli204 says:

Broadway Joe was the only genuinely funny part. 

CeeJeffRun says:

sorry eli, you are not allowed to be a part of my fantasy football fantasy

Patrick Wumbo says:

These niggas done lost dey damn minds

Burrito Bobby says:

U notice the guy next to Orlando Franklin was starring at her ass

E Chapman says:

Lol!! That’s awesome guys.

naruto00nix says:

lol is this produced by the same guys who made friday by rebecca black? XD
ridiculous hahahaha

Mark Bellinger says:

If only Eli can pass as well as he raps… Oh wait he sucks at both

William Walker says:

One thing is for certain you can’t teach rhythm to us whities. 

M-Pulse Advertising, Inc. says:

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