Fantasy Football Week 10 – Keepers

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Do the Saints have any shot at stopping Michael Turner? What’s going on in the Buffalo backfield? Which RB should you drop in favor of Vick Ballard? Catch up…


J.B. Lowe says:

No really, SWEATER. Move out of Brooklyn while you still can.

natedog2385 says:

Start or sit went so wrong lol

theespacepope says:

SWEATER!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

Robert Calkins says:

Rivers or Fitzpatrick

bball912 says:

I would say Spiller..Redman isn’t guaranteed a lot of carries and hasn’t proved to be reliable. Yea KC has a bad defense but CJ Spiller has proved week in and week out to get the points. But that’s just a safe path I’d choose.

Isaac Rodriguez says:

You have the whole, “I’m Mr. Rogers” outfit going on don’t ya!

Tim Gee says:

Thanks man!

Matt Ufford says:

Redman for sure.

Tim Gee says:

Should I start CJ Spiller against the NE running defense or go with Isaac Redman who’s going up against the ever so crappy KC defense?

LexBurnsRed89 says:

Should I start Fitzpatrick vs New England or Carson Palmer vs Baltimore?

jeff jeffcott says:

This is perhaps the only time you will hear someone describe Tampa Bay as a paradise. Unless your are talking about places to contract Hepatitis.

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