Never lose a fantasy football bet.

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Or else you will create a shot for shot, homemade version of the music video for Sia’s “Chandelier.” Original Video:…


Chuck Jose says:

What music video should I do next? :)

Chuck Jose says:

Alright! The top two choices are two of my favorites; 7/11 and Anaconda.
Since I like making bets let’s make this interesting. I bet that I won’t
receive 10,000 subscribers by the end of year. If I win, Queen B will be
proud with my recreation of 7/11. If I lose, well, all I can say is does
anybody have a gold chain top I can borrow. Good luck. 🙂

Side note: Any confident men want to be my backup dancers? 

Angelique Kaur says:

my best friend decided to hate me for no reason. This video cheered me up

Burcu B says:

People need to stop about his video being sickening, an insult to
homosexuals, and how it’s affecting them. There are far too many fucked up
things in this damn world for people to be on here patronizing this video.
It’s funny, better yet it’s hilarious because of his attempts to try to
dance like the little girl in the video did, and that was the whole purpose
of the bet – to move that person out of their comfort zone. It has nothing
to do with homosexuality, are people saying this just because it’s a man in
a leotard with a wig? Ok… so then all male ballet dancers are a insult to
homosexuals? Come on people.

Vincent Tervooren says:

what kind of bet did the girl on the right loose?

Gustaf Farthinder says:

As a Swedish Homosexual, I am appalled at how Homophobic this video is.
Why is it that whenever heteronormative people create bets, the
“embarrassing” punishment is to behave like a normal, sane Homosexual male?
This is just a reflection of society that the Homosexual males are the
only group which can still be insulted without fearing the repercussions of
society. We are viewed as as a joke and I am exhausted of it. If we are
to insult any other group, there would be immediate outrage through media
and twitter. Such videos would be removed as hate speech and given harshly
negative reviews yet we Homosexuals are relegated to the punch lines of all
jokes. This hate speech needs to stop. Only in Sweden do we have laws
against the hate speech against the Homosexuals, inciting hate and spewing
hate speech is punishable by 20+ years in jail. We think that this should
be banned in America too, with similar consequences, only then can we root
out the hate speech against Homosexuals.

~Gustaf Farthinder, Homosexual Anti-Homosexual Hate Speech Civil Rights

Barry McDora says:


As a highly respected philosopher and moderator of r/MensRights, I am
sickened by the fact that this male has been downright humiliated in such a
way. I can’t help but feel as if I have been personally victimized by
watching this video, and inadvertently helping to spread this disgusting,
bigoted, ‘Feminazi’ propaganda. It’s time that the world realizes that
males are not objects, and our purpose on this earth is not solely that of
women entertainment. Fight the good fight, my brothers.

Barry McDora.
Respected Philosopher, Gilded Redditor, Advocate of Mens Rights. 

Samuel Bean says:

It was hilarious. It has zero to do with homosexuality. It’s all about
betting for humiliation and fun amongst friends. Don’t allow your
insecurities to further expose you and put you in a position for more
ridicule. I’ve lost bets where I had to wear the opposing jersey in the
opposing teams stadium, it’s the same thing just different level of
commitment. It heightens the level of competition and makes the end of the
fantasy season one that you can’t wait for. I’ve seen people tattoo other
people’s names on them as wagers. If you’re not sure of what the true
purpose was for this video you shouldn’t comment. OK, now Who’s next to
embarrass themselves on video after losing a bet?

itsjudytime says:


Jiggy says:

As an American gay 17 year old, this video is fucking hilarious. If you’re
a straight person starting ruckus because this video might offend gays holy
shit i don’t know what to tell you. Just stop. It’s for fun. I actually
don’t know any gay person that thinks this guy is offensive, nor do i
believe that was his intention. Just fuck off honestly bahahhaha laugh at
the video for what it is. 🙂 

Natalie andDessie says:


Senid .H says:

as i was watching this my parents came in my room, so i switched fast to
pornhub becouse it was easyer to explain

Softwaremonkey says:

I’m gay…and i think this guy is a genius xD. This video is funny as
fuck. :D

jeffsjuststoked says:

I would never accept this bet. People make outrageous bets like this
because they want to lose and get all the attention from what they “have”
to do, and not have to feel embarrassed by it because it was “for a bet”.

JJ Life says:

Jimmy Fallon where are you.


This is soooo funny! We think you have talent! 

Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos says:

*Which Side Disturbs You?*

When the video for Sia’s hit song, “Chandelier” was released. It was
described by many as “breathtaking.” The choreography was created by Ryan
Heffington, who has also worked with Arcade Fire, Kesha, and a continued
number of impressive clients.

Maddie Ziegler, the young dancer, is no doubt a star in her own right. Her
amazing skills have been featured on the Lifetime reality show, “Dance
Moms.” Although she features jazz to lyrical to tap on the reality show,
she had no trouble keeping up with the avant-garde movements in the routine
for Chandelier.

*So what’s all the fuss?*

Great art is never without controversy. Many people objected to the nude
colored leotard that such a young girl was wearing. While others seemed to
take no offense or concern.

*How do you feel?*

We have a viral video side-by-side. Does one disturb you more than the
other? Does one make you laugh? Are you impressed by either one?

I don’t think any answer will surprise me. This one is out there for
everyone to weigh in on!

*Comment below!*

#sia #dancemoms #chandelier #choreography #dance #viralvideo 

natoar 23ae says:

Better than the original !

Shereese Andrew says:

LMAOOOOO I love this so much, I can’t stop laughing. xD ♥ Great Chandellier
cover! :’)

Jose Fernando Ayala Barrios says:

really its a fantastic work

Breezy Bre says:

which one is the original video omg he did perfect

Elsa Von S says:

+Yoko F Thunders , +Missy Cracker Thunders , +Peter F. Thunders … you’re
in for a real treat here.
This guy lost a fantasy football bet, and this is what he had to do. He’s a
star in my eyes. 

FlailedTwo says:

Lost the bet? More like had more fun than everyone else!

Alfreditox Ivan says:

ajjaajajaj it’s funny, the same movements the same expression :D

Felipe Mattos says:

+Lyanna Borges amor, olha o clip que vc ama !!! awesome AHEUAEHUEAHUHEUAH

Bruce Robertson says:

He’s got bigger tits that the girl.

venomous says:

What was this video about?

A.To piss the gays off and make everything about them.
B.To have a little innocent fun making a spoof of the original music video.

mrArchduke says:

I’m gay and this was not oppressive. I thought it was funny as hell. 🙂 

Hafiy Synyster says:

what a fucking retard lol

Lydz Mclo says:

homosexuals need to get over themselves! not everything is about them

Mike Jone says:


osbaldo h says:

i want to see his team lineup lol 

TheDissmaster10 says:

He has more boobs than her.

Henry Bova says:

It’s a fuckin fantasy football bet, no homosexuality involved

giank0666 says:

I can´t stop laughing, it was fabulous, learning all the coreography, the
right use of the camera, the set…. it was really awesome , i hope you
make more videos to enjoy it like i did with this … greetings from Peru

MaxSnow24 says:

As a gay man, what does this have anything to do with gay people?

Anne-Marie Clulow says:

Chuck Jose you are so awesome! Wow! I haven’t laughed so hard in years! And
all the camera angles, and choreography!! Are you involved in the film
industry? This is so good!!! 

Delvin Lah says:

Seriously…’s for fun. For Pete’s sake, GET A GRIP!
It’s so fuck up how some people can translate a funny clip into a serious
anti-this or that. What the hell?

This is what i suggest those who have a problem with this clip.
1. Save some money, travel the world and learn to relax
2. Remember that no one is interested in negativity, unless you are telling
to a very close friend who needs to learn about the truth. Then again, it’s
caring truth and not negativity.
3. Life is short and stressful, learn to take things lightly. It makes your
life more pleasant when you are less opinionated.

Stronger1998 says:

El momento en el que se abre de piernas tembloroso empieza a bibrarle la
pierna se medio resbala y se queda con las dos piernas hacia delante es
brutal jajaja

Baslit Villalta says:

Anaconda! Anaconda!

MikeKay1978 says:

Hard to point out any details but the two videos side by side doesn’t quite
feel the same. I think you should do another one. . . . 

bess medina says:

Hahahahaha. Wow. Pretty close to the same thing. If only my friends would
be daring enough to bet like this. .

Vollodo says:

WTf did i just read in the comments here?! Why the hell would be
homosexuals insulted by this video?! I really cant see anyconnection
between gays and this video

Logan Gab says:

where is a original is not a good format

VahaboV says:

Thank you very much man. I been in depression for over 2 month now. I
laughed for the first time in 2 month. This is the best one ever

luisa arias says:

Ok who ever make this. Thank youuuuuuuu this video, made my shitty day just

Jami-leigh Ashcraft says:

Never lose a fantasy football bet.:

Yup.. Smdh
He’s actually really good though +Debbie Bibbins​

Amanda Dobbs says:

Gots to give mad props … You didn’t miss a beat 

Meri Fg says:

just W O W! you killed it, boy!

Zya says:

Losing in #FantasyFootball is serious business. Check out this hilarious
video of a man who had to pay for his loss by recreating #Sia ‘s #Chandelier

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