NFL 2012 Football Fantasy; Bomani & Jones episode 44

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It’s one thing to be upbeat about your Fantasy Football team, which is undoubtedly headlined by a Brady or Brees, Adrian or Arian, and hopefully a receiver with the last name Johnson. But all these NFL fans suffering from delusions of grandeur? We’ll set you straight real quick….or you can just wait until your team plays and see for yourself. Photo credit: Getty Images # – 135995233, 136322033, 136036184, 107186038


THEGeezusG says:

wait a minute….. I NEED that NC Comics shirt. BADLY.

12345gaming says:

saw a comment that said google this code 5S2785X and get a jersey I thought it was a con but i just visited the site and it looks legit, so here i am sharein the code lol

ThatNorm says:

I started playing in a Defense leaugue 2 years ago and Ill never go back to regular fantasy ball. The draft is crazy long but its worth it in week 8 and your QBs/RBs hurt and you got a good LB/Secondary group that can make up for the missing points

Thesavage925 says:

This cat could be a comedian


615tennesseetitans says:

@Nik Aitken I bet you would i rather start fresh and Bomani saids “18 years and only been to playoffs 6 times..thats not a lot…” and throw in the fact that his playoff record is not good AND honestly i doubt he ll do much better with the rams than what he did in TN

NoRegretsForOurYouth says:

1-0 Bomani, suck it!

Mike Barker says:

New Falcons for the Super Bowl!

mwballers says:

He has cornrows WITH THE BEADS! lol

Brandon Short says:

Fantasy Football isn’t supposed to be an all inclusive deal. Imagine how hard it would be to pick separate defensive players and offensive linemen and have them score for you. You pick 8-10 starters depending on your league, and fill out your bench. You want to fantasy draft a full team, play Madden

Rick Stone says:

What about the Bungles?

NHLJerseys says:

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shotcaller130 says:

One of the funniest things I’ve watched in a long time.

RBKluuzGH says:

Fantasy Football is stupid, I want to pick a FULL TEAM! Not 8 players. I want a Fantasy TEAM!

Nik Aitken says:

Rather have Jeff Fisher then Mike Munchak

615tennesseetitans says:

finally someone that saids pretty much Jeff Fisher is not a good coach

ViciousMiller says:

“Once you make a decision on a moustache…”

jmac252525 says:


Brandon Short says:


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