Sorest Loser in the History of Fantasy Football

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Some people take losing harder than others. Make sure you watch the end of the video for a special message from Dan. SUBSCRIBE HERE:…


Jules Wagner says:

Isn’t the best cure for being a sore loser talking to someone who just loves being a dick? Oh wait… I think that’s how serial killers are born…

Syrange13 says:

Actually, you two are doing the same thing, except you do it more intelligently.

TheWrathfulHippie says:

You need some better comebacks chap. As far as internet banter goes, that’s among some of the oldest and tiredest. First we’ve got you telling me to get a sense of humour, now you’re suggesting I need medication… And for why, because I responded to YOUR rant? Or are you gutted because I’m thinking and tailoring each of my responses whereas you might as well be reading yours from Gyles Brandreth’s Big Book of Lame Comebacks.

Jeremy Powell says:

dude, its called prozac go get you some

TheWrathfulHippie says:

And you’re still just talking shit… Look, it may fill the space but it’s no substitution for having something worthwhile to contribute to a conversation. What kinda angle do you think you’re shooting for here, are you trying to come across as some wizened, slightly cryptic old master who’s aware of so much that I couldn’t begin to comprehend?
Sorry to say, you’re missing. You are just waffling shit, which is usually a certainty once one uses the phrase “open your mind” or similar sentiments.

Jeremy Powell says:

thank you at least your opening your mind just a little

TheWrathfulHippie says:

Let me be clear on this. The person who came to a COMEDY video to rant about the real world equivalent AND used a simple back’atcha response is telling ME to grow a sense of humour?
That’s the funniest thing you’ve come out with so far.

Jeremy Powell says:

no but i can see it is yours, grow a sense of humor or go watch golf

TheWrathfulHippie says:

Is talking shit on YouTube a hobby for you or is it a full-time job?

Jeremy Powell says:

lol at least my comment struck true to sports fans, i left that comment a month ago and its still getting responses. I like how barbaric our culture is that it actually learns how to use a computer to spread their opinion. Anyways good show old chum.

TheWrathfulHippie says:

Well done, you really found an appropriate and worthwhile forum to vent your frustration. Did you justify your hatred by standing up halfway through typing to shake your fists and scream or did you just stay sat on your arse?

Jeremy Powell says:

Yeah because Call of Duty and all other mind numbing sports are First person shooters right.. LOL

Alex Mason says:

If I could be in the middle of a war torn city, shooting at Viet-Cong, that would make more sense than Call of Duty.

autodefe7 says:

I just noticed the end, where he is in as ‘admin’. My guess is that it was never his computer, but an IT computer. That IT person is now bruised and broken from a barrage of paint balls. Then he just sat at the computer and claimed it as his own.

knittingmoose says:

Awesome NeverEnding Story Quote!

jstyledipset says:

Fuck I was gonna make that joke…

WlatPziupp says:

They pretend to be managers of some sort

kimzstan says:

Cracked i’m ashamed i’d figured you of all channels would know better than to feed trolls.

Jeremy Powell says:

And for that, we thank you. totally pointless

VeraP61 says:

As if he quoted the Rockbiter from NeverEnding Story. A-mazing!

ElijaBlack36 says:

fantasy hate for a fantasy sport im not sure how bad i should feel for you

undetestable1 says:

Soren is looking signifcantly less sexy these days. Might have to swap him out the spank bank for DOB

blackkakari says:

How does fantasy football work, exactly?

Arwir says:

That has to be the most random Neverending Story reference of all time. Then again, how contextual could a Neverending Story allusion really be?

twangurdead says:

poor soren…

Cracked says:

We hate our dads too…

nlingrel says:

7 million zoom changes necessary?

bobzone09 says:

I’m already subscribed, bros. QUIT TELLING ME.

Brittany LeMoine says:

At first I had thought that was what it actually said.

ioreilly1 says:

Yeah losers! Go outside and play the game instead of having fun! Fun is for losers! I know you think you know what’s fun for you, but you don’t! My fun is good enough for everyone! SO STOP IT! And seriously, way to be lazy guys! Putting hours upon hours of time and thought into each pick you make, painstakingly setting a line up every week. LAZY! Who would have thought our society would fall to the point where my own overbearing sense of self-righteousness might be called into question.

aestevalis0 says:

I was wondering when we’d get another episode of this.

Cid Alderlaine says:

You pretty much said what everyone else was thinking when they read the title and saw the thumbnail… Thumps up to you ;D

Yabbablabba says:

Damnit Soren, I thought I was the only one using Rockbiter quotes.

folioio says:

Strange lighting. Soren looks like someone punched him in the face.

Jeremy Powell says:

Some people like to Sit in front of their TV and watch grown men play games,. Others like to Actually go outside and Play the Games themselves,. And then there are the ultimate losers, the people who make it into a fantasy where they never have to flip a channel, or pass a ball, or even stand up,. Congrats for making an already Loser Sport becomes even bigger Bullshit,. BRAVO Lazy Sport fans BRAVO

Shock Fist says:

Fail ^.^

Michael Bui says:

More like “Soren loser in the history of fantasy football”

cadwaukig says:

Seems more like the SORENEST-
…aww, fuck. 

DrLawesome says:

Can we have more special messages at the end from Katie?

ThisRenegade says:

Damn, I saw the title and was JUST going to make that joke! lol

mikeymike1792 says:

Its all about the Fantasy Premier League. Just as serious. Seems to make more sense.

IamSpartan90 says:

new to the xbox 360 fantasy football

Jack Blackwell says:

More like the…Sorenst loser. Eh? Eh?

7CellarDoors says:

Oh hey. A Cracked video. Thats always.. with… …I ah.. This comment isnt really going anywhere. I just wanted to feel like a buttercup.

jr89dp says:

Oh DOB, you party animal you.

Niktion says:


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