Top 10 2013 ESPN Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guards

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ESPN’s Top 10 Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guards in the NBA.


Jad Santiago says:

stephen curry is not a shooting guards

David Beckham says:

if u count lawson as a shooting guard then where is rose?

David Beckham says:

ty lawson point guard… what a fking joke

Swagified216 says:

1.James Harden
2.James Harden
3.James Harden
4.James Harden
5.James Harden
6.James Harden
7.James Harden
8.James Harden
9.James Harden
10.James Harden
11.Dwayne Wade
12.Kobe Bryant

ufcismma says:

no wonder I win so many leagues cause you all are idiots

ufcismma says:

i try to watch these vids for entertainment but you all are morons.. do any of you actually do any fantasy research to see who is ranked where or are all these rankings on all the different vids just guesses

ufcismma says:

he is listed as a pg/sg in the espn fantasy leagues that isnt the problem having him ranked so high when he cant stay on the court due to his ankles is what my problem is with ranking this high

ufcismma says:

first of all lets start at the top.. if you cant atleast get the number 1 shooting guard right then why would I bother going down your list.. Dwade is number 1 in fantasy and has been for years

Matt Mannix says:

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Manu Ginobli
4. Andre Igudala
5. Joe Johnson
6. Monta Ellis
7. Eric Gordan
8. James Harden
9. Stephan Curry
10. Iman Shumpert/Paul George

StuddyMuffy says:

currys not a sg dumbass

azlinghazaliify says:

wheres tyreke evans? seriusly how is ty lawson and steph curry shooting guards?y u rate marcus thornton higher than tyreke evans

41NAMEK says:

ginobli, joe johnson?

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